Mixcast 15.3 – Walk Away

March's playlist is a Mellow Genre Playlist. With music from: Tennis, James Bay, Banks, San Fermin, Anders & more!

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While I don’t think everything that happens in our personal lives should be shared online, this Mixcast encapsulates what I’ve been going through pretty well. I’ve said it before, but I’m always amazed at how certain songs find you at just the right time. I take solace in knowing that many others have experienced similar heartache and have gone on to turn those feelings into beautiful songs, moving stories, or opportunities to change themselves for the better. I hope to do the same.

Mixcast Tracklist

1. Let It Go – James Bay
2. All We Do – Oh Wonder
3. Let Me Down Easy – Max Frost
4. Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl – Wet
5. Losing You – Aquilo
6. Please Don’t – Leo Stannard
7. Doubt My Love – DA & The Jones
8. Your Soul – Rhodes
9. Tightropes – Robyn Sherwell
10. All Is Well – Austin Basham
11. The Night We Met – Lord Huron
12. You Didn’t Need My Love – Ánders
13. Emily – San Fermin
14. I’m Callin’ – Tennis
15. Can’t Get Happy – Only Real
16. Cold – Winterbourne
17. The Road You Didn’t Take – Stornoway
18. This Body Rushes – Daunt
19. Someone New – Banks
20. Quiet Nights – Catching Flies
21. Home – Hollow Coves
22. Red – Mt. Wolf

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