Helping friends find their “Next Favorite Song” Since 2005

What is The Mixcast?

The Mixcast curates monthly Spotify playlists that help you discover eclectic new music across multiple genres.

The Mixcast strives to create eclectic playlists that are unlike anything you’ll hear on the radio or your standard Spotify lists.

We believe that “Algorithmic Discovery” in both music and app stores is broken. There’s simply too many new songs and apps out there. So instead, we all get recommendations based on mass preferences or paid placement.

TheMixcast.com helps you discover hidden gems via this weekly Newsletter and our subscription-based Spotify App. You can count on us to help you discover “Your Next Favorite.”

Our plan is to keep the newsletter free for as long as possible. That said, if you want to use the same discovery tool that I use to create my monthly playlist, I hope you’ll consider supporting me by also subscribing to the app.

Some fun facts about the Mixcast include:

  • First Playlist: 2005
  • Playlists Shared: 150+
  • Artists Featured: 3000+
  • Songs Featured: 3500+
  • Spotify Followers: 1250+

Background Story

The Mixcast was one of the first playlists online. Over the past 15 years, we’ve shared our digital mixtapes with friends using MP3s, then Podcasts, and now Spotify.

Who Runs This Site?

It is still owned and operated by its founder, Pete Christianson. After years of being inspired by what he heard on KCRW’s famous “Morning Becomes Eclectic” radio show in Los Angeles, Pete started creating his own Mix CDs and Podcasts in 2005.

Why should you become a Mixcast member?

As a subscriber, you’ll also get an email that highlights our 7 favorite new releases of the last week, plus access to our playlist archives.

Your support helps pay for operational costs, time needed to review countless songs every month, and ensures The Mixcast can continue on as a leading music discovery site for thousands of artists and followers around the world. Thanks for your consideration!

We are always looking for undiscovered music and bands to add to an upcoming playlist, so please feel free to share your tips or music with us!

As a member incentive, we provide a private song submission form to our members. It can be accessed by clicking here. We offer feedback on each song submitted this way.

For non-subscribers, please submit songs for consideration via our Soundplate page. Note that we do not provide feedback on these submissions.

Still have questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions or send me a message.

Thanks for listening!

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