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Modification of Agreement

We may make changes to our terms when needed. When we do so, we’ll update the “last updated” date at the very bottom of this page. The new terms will override the previous ones, but we’ll always keep revisions in case they’re needed.

Our Product

The Mixcast is built & maintained by Smalkworks (Netherlands Chamber of Commerce #80172369) and comes “as is”, without any warranty of any kind. In no event shall we be responsible for damages or other liabilities while using The Mixcast. We’re very willing to help and improve our product, so please send us an email if you experience any issues.

Mixcast Memberships

The Mixcast offers a membership service to access all the pages on our site. Subscriptions are offered on a monthly or annual basis and renew automatically.

Please view our membership page to see more details relating to our plans.

Note: We also offer a free weekly email newsletter that does not require a paid membership to access.


You may cancel your Mixcast Membership at anytime by going to your account page.

Please note that we do not provide refunds when you cancel your subscription early. Instead you will be able to access the paid portions of our service until your original subscription period ends.

Effective Date: April 14, 2022

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